Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Letter to My Mother.

Hey Mamma!
I love you a lot and I was thinking today, how multiple times you've said that I show it well. My thoughts continued to follow that phrase, tracing back to HOW I've shown it well, and I realized something - every time I've shown up when you've needed me, said something you've needed to hear, shown any kind of act of love, they've all been guided by Heavenly Father.
When you prayed for me to come home, He led me to you.
When you were slipping into your funk, He led me to you.
When I stayed with you in the hospital after the OD, he had asked me to.
All of these and more have been acts of HIS LOVE for you - proof that he is holding onto you SO tightly, trying not to let you slip away.
I do love you tremendously, but I have no doubt that He loves you much more.
Sometimes, the way He shows His love is through the hands of other people.
It's a little overwhelming, a love like that.. How can we ever repay Him? THAT thought is what changed me, months ago. I realized I owe God my entire life, so I'm giving it to Him.
xo Zo 